Manage less. Sell more. Connect everything.

Cin7 makes it cheaper, faster and easier for businesses all over the world to get their products into their customer’s hands

Every year, over 125 million sales orders flow through the Cin7 platform

Over 8,000 customers globally use Cin7 products

Cin7 products support over $35 billion in gross merchandise value

An energetic brand for a company that gets things moving

Cin7's existing brand was indistinguishable from the competition. That was a key driver in the direction of my work. I created a vibrant brand identity inspired by the velocity of product delivery.

My role leading the brand redesign involved supporting the rollout to employees, partners, and customers. I developed an online brand toolkit, created extensive marketing collateral, and ran a large website design project.

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The Cin7 logo against a blue moving pattern
The Cin7 logo against a transit yellow background
A collection of custom icons drawn in the Cin7 style
An overview of the Cin7 color palette

Defining the core identity

The team at Cin7 asked me to ideate an evolution of the existing logo mark as well as a completely new direction. The original logo had a unique heptagonal shape, but lacked balance and typographic finesse.

You can see below some of the draft concepts presented for the project. In the end, the team chose the evolved heptagon concept, because of its clever integration of the ‘7’ from the company name.

Building on the existing use of vibrant blue, I introduced 'transit yellow' as a secondary accent. Yellow's association with transportation and delivery created an opportunity for an exciting color combination.

A collection of 7 original logo concepts for the Cin7 rebrand

Stress testing and refining the direction

Online ad templates demonstrate the finalized look of the brand in many variations. The contrast between transit yellow and blue was successful in creating strong, vibrant calls to action on each colorway.

To add depth and texture, I developed a series of repeatable patterns that mirror the line work of the logo. To create a sense of movement, I drew shapes and masks angled to match the edges of the heptagon shape. This came together as a cohesive collection of motifs that could be interchanged across various templates.

A collage showing several different formats and designs for Cin7 online advertisements

Pushing beyond the basics

I was given creative liberty to envision how the brand would translate in previously unexplored contexts. The examples below show my work creating a partnership announcement treatment, as well as internal projects for office signage, employee swag, and D&I groups.

A photograph of the Cin7 Lightbox signage in the office
A photograph of someone wearing a Cin7 branded tee shirt
A multi–colored design for the Cin7 Pride logo

A single source of truth for employees and partners

I designed and developed an online brand toolkit in Webflow that enabled employees and external partners to access the latest assets. With the guidelines being in Webflow, users can always access the latest version, and specific assets can be password protected.

The Cin7 brand portal home section
The Cin7 brand portal showing color guidelines
The Cin7 brand portal showing templates for download
The Cin7 brand portal showing the correct logo colors
The Cin7 brand portal showing incorrect logo treatments

Foolproof templates to empower the team

Housed in the brand toolkit are several templates and assets I created for employees to use as a starting point for their work. Below you can see a collection of slides from this library of assets.

A view of several different Cin7 branded presentation slide designs