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Cin7 makes it cheaper, faster and easier for businesses all over the world to get their products into their customer’s hands

Every year, over 125 million sales orders flow through the Cin7 platform

Over 8,000 customers globally use Cin7 products

Cin7 products support over $35 billion in gross merchandise value

A ground–up refresh for an inventory management company

While working with the team at Cin7 to reimagine their brand, I extended the new direction to their website. The existing site was under-performing, didn’t capture key product messaging, and lacked a memorable visual identity.

I was the creative lead on this project, collaborating closely with the internal marketing team and external consultants to deliver the site.

More about Cin7
The Cin7 website homepage

Bridging marketing and product through a consistent design approach

To deliver a consistent customer experience, I collaborated with the product team to design a refreshed signup flow. The aim was to reduce any friction as prospects signed up to become customers. This work also prompted leadership to apply the new brand styles to the product itself.

The Cin7 product sign up screen
A series of interactive elements from the sign up form
The Cin7 sign up form shown at a mobile device width

Deepening the Cin7 identity by expanding on key visual motifs

The website was a great platform to flesh out some of the new visual motifs I defined for the brand identity: slanting angles that echo the new logo, energetic animations that portray product messaging, and vibrant colors that draw the eye towards the calls to action. Together, they created a unique and bold look for the site.

For each page, I was responsible for conceptualizing and delivering a full suite of assets. This included sourcing and retouching photography, designing iconography and illustrations, animating motion graphics, and sourcing assets for 500+ partner brands.

The Cin7 pricing page design
The Cin7 company page
A Cin7 website feature page
The Cin7 integration directory

Starting with a consistent design system

The project began by defining fundamental styles for the website including spacing, color, typography, buttons, and navigation. This allowed each page to have its own creative flair, while remaining consistent with the overall website. With this framework, the team was able to repurpose components to efficiently generate new pages.

A collage showing several treatments for text,  links, and buttons
An overview of the Cin7 website navigation
A snapshot of the Cin7 mobile navigation
A snapshot of the Cin7 mobile navigation
A snapshot of the Cin7 mobile navigation
Cin7 mobile website
Cin7 mobile website navigation

Mobile–first interactions and components

Many areas of the website prompt users to navigate, filter, and explore more about the product. Knowing their small business audience, the experiences were designed to be mobile-first.

Doing so ensured interactions were reduced to their simplest form, and could be achieved no matter the device.

The Cin7 mobile website showing a sign up form
The Cin7 mobile website showing a treatment for in-page navigation
The Cin7 mobile website showing filtering different integrated apps
The Cin7 mobile website showing selecting options for 'Apps used'
The Cin7 mobile website showing exploring the resource center
The Cin7 mobile website showing comparing pricing plans