Partnering with the next generation of TechBio pioneers

ARTIS is proud to have been the first dedicated fund globally to deploy capital wherever data, software, AI, machine learning and deep learning transform human health and well being.

Their portfolio consists of over 77 companies, including 3 who have achieved ‘unicorn’ status

The total value of the companies under management is over $6.5 billion

A pioneering venture fund's dynamic online presence

Artis Ventures is a venture capital fund based in San Francisco specializing in TechBio investments. Their existing website needed a dramatic visual refresh and new storytelling to convey their mission of leaving a positive impact on human health.

A key deliverable was the evolution of the animated hero artwork shown below. I worked on this conceptually, and art-directed a series of animators to create the final expression. It's since become an integral brand asset to convey the intersection of technology and biology.

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The Artis Ventures website homepage

Reimagined for a mobile-centric audience

The Artis website is primarily visited by investors and founders, both of whom are busy, on-the-go people. This meant it was vital we nailed the mobile experience from the outset. For some pages, it meant rethinking the flow and content design for mobile screens.

The Artis Ventures website on mobile showing seven tailwinds driving TechBio
The Artis Ventures website on mobile showing the people page
The Artis Ventures website on mobile showing the impact section
A view of the Artis mobile website showing the 7 tailwinds of TechBio section
A mobile view of the Artis Ventures website showing the impact video section

Conveying a dynamic, high-tech approach

The website has a stark minimalist approach for its key components. To offset this, I created a sense of visual flourish through a number of animated assets and page interactions. They help to tell the story of the firm and create a memorable experience for visitors.

A collection of interactive elements and components that make up the Artis Ventures website

Showcasing portfolio companies that are transforming healthcare

The Artis website showcases its full roster of investments. I was tasked with creating an interactive directory where visitors could explore the companies, and click through to personalized profiles of each one to learn more.

Each profile page was based on a template designed to feature the full spectrum of the stages of company growth,  from an incubated startup to a highly established company. Imagery was art-directed to ensure the listings had a cohesive visual direction.

A snapshot of the portfolio directory on the website, showing different companies listed
A mobile view of the portfolio section of the website showing how to filter and sort the companies
A mobile view of the Artis website showing the company news entries
A mobile view of the portfolio company page on the website
A mobile view of the Artis Ventures website showing the ability to filer and sort portfolio companies
A mobile view of the Artis Ventures website showing the individual portfolio company information page