Elevating the A2X brand through a refreshed visual identity

The team at A2X was looking to relaunch their marketing website and update their library of marketing assets. I worked with them to audit the existing website and reimagine the brand by introducing a vibrant new color palette, modern fonts, and dynamic new illustrations.

More about A2X
An social tile depicting how A2X connects Xero and Shopify.
A social tile image to promote an A2X webinar event

A home page fit for an award-winning solution

The existing website felt generic and underwhelming. My goal was to create a dynamic, captivating site that increased leads and improved SEO performance.

A2X is a tool that connects software platforms, helping them reconcile and share data.So I wanted to highlight the third-party platforms where possible, showcasing their brand colors and logos to improve the credibility and authority of the A2X brand.

I created a series of icons and product illustrations which brought the product messaging to life. The conceptualizations were based on real features, and screens from within the product.

A snapshot of the A2X website homepage
A collection of interactive and navigational experiences across the A2X website
An animated version of the A2X homepage hero
A selection of 9 custom icons created in the A2X style
The second half of the A2X homepage

Unveiling a new look to the partner community and beyond

To help A2X roll out the new identity, I reworked key hero visuals for use as event signage. I created several variations of the design, each tailored for a different regional audience.

As the A2X brand grew we also needed a treatment for sub-branded initiatives. The first were the partner program and support portals. For these, I created a template that the team could use to generate their own sub-brand logos.

A2X partners were also keen to associate with the new brand, so I developed a tiered badge system that portrayed the various types of partnership and awards. These badge assets were designed to scale across a variety of sizes and work cohesively on a partner's own website.

A life-like mockup of the A2X event booth backdrop and table
The A2X sub-brand logo treatment
A collection of A2X badges and awards shown in various colorways

Implementing responsive design principles

During the build process I worked closely with the developers to create beautiful, responsive pages. It's important to me to oversee the build process, ensuring the final pages are as true to the design as possible. We paid specific attention to make sure interactive components of the website translated well across different screen sizes and devices.

The A2X mobile website homepage
The A2X mobile website reviews section
The A2X mobile website showing the integrations page
The A2X homepage on mobile
A2X integrations website on mobile
A collection of components, button treatments, and icons from the A2X website
The A2X integrations directory